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Rennes School of Business turns education into a true exchange. Thinking beyond the frame means exploring new fields, looking for answers to tomorrow’s questions, designing a future that’s more inventive, more creative, and in the end, more human.
Now more than ever, the world belongs to the open-minded.

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welcome to Rennes school of business

Rennes School of Business is taking care of each student

Rennes School of Business is getting ready to welcome you and is taking care of each student

During these challenging times, Rennes School of Business remains dedicated to finding solutions to offer you the best academic and personal experience possible. Our institution has put into place several measures to meet your expectations with respect to safety and education.

You can be certain that we have taken the necessary sanitary and health precautions to ensure your well-being, taking into account local and international health restrictions.
In terms of classes, we will be providing a wide range of educational formats to adapt to all scenarios in order to guarantee an optimal learning environment. As of the start of the school year, three teaching methods will be offered:

  1. E-live

    The courses take place int the classroom on the campus.
    They are captured by an audio-visual system.
    They are Live-streamed for the remote students
  2. Flipped learning

    Asynchronous courses
    Use od videos, online resources.
    Only a part of the students can be on the campus
  3. Virtual classes

    All actors (both students and professors) take part remotely.
    Live interactions.

Unable to be physically present at the end of September? Join us as soon as the situation allows it, at any point during the first semester or for the start of the second semester in January. During this period before we welcome you in Rennes, you will take classes online.

Deepak Kumar

Deepak Kumar

MSc in International Purchasing, Logistics and Supply Chain Management

“After high school, I was planning to do a Master’s degree in a European country as I was aware that Europe had vast business opportunities.

I chose Rennes School of Business because the course that I was looking for was offered by only two schools and Rennes School of Business had good grade level. The city of Rennes is a student city with many expats and the cost of living was also reasonable.
The MSc in International Purchasing, Logistics and Supply Chain Management is an 18 months program with an internship period of 6 months. The program deals with the entire supply chain process including HR, Marketing and Finance.

The career development taught us how to build a career. There was practical session for interview and how to reply to the job offer in a professional way.
Rennes School of Business offered both Career development and French language course which were very helpful for me.
Another option is the Alumni Network Association are working in all different kind of companies in France and abroad.

After Studies, I found an internship in Winestar, a French wine company that sells wine in a can. During my internship, I was working with the warehouse and logistics department. After the internship, the company offered me a job as a Business Developer and I worked as a European and Asian B2B development and logistics coordinator. Since December 2015, I have been working as a Project Manager for India and am in charge of building our brand in India. Soon our product will be launched in the Indian Market. And I am also running my own trading company known as SIMCO INTL in Belgium from Feb‑2016.”


A key feature of Rennes School of Business is the wide range of Master programmes, which prepare graduates for rewarding international business careers. Graduate teaching at Rennes School of Business is focused upon extending and deepening students’ knowledge and developing their personal skills. The close relationship developed with French and international companies ensures that our programmes correspond to the expectations of future employers.


Masters of Science - MSc

Supply Chain Management looms in today’s global economy since it helps creating value to all members of the supply chain as well as to the society. It refers to planning, coordination and control of procurement, production and distribution activities, and embraces a wide range of aspects such as strategic management, information sharing, sustainability, and competitiveness. This program aims at providing a strong theoretical background in the topics of logistics and SCM, as well as presenting the latest advances in the industries. We stress the importance of developing communication, critical thinking and team working skills, and keep abreast of recent developments such as in data analytics and blockchain technologies. We adopt problem and project based collaborative teaching methods, and incorporate case studies into courses.

This programme is designed to educate students to become responsible business leaders. They will be able to apply sustainability-related knowledge in the formulation of responsible business practices and ethical management of people in organisations. The Master offers interdisciplinary modules from multiple business fields and environmental engineering.

This programme prepares participants to gain specialised knowledge and skills in Strategic and Digital marketing to be applied in a global business environment. The use of cases, real strategic problems and projects will enable students to learn and develop the competencies required to advance their individual careers in firms or any other type of organisation. Pioneer students will learn and develop the skills required to take any organisation further in a responsible world.

This programme enables the students to acquire the necessary knowledge and competencies for pursuing a successful career in Luxury and Brand Management. Managers need specific skills to understand the uniqueness of the luxury sector and its target customers. Students will be able to develop and implement effective strategies and introduce innovative products and services in different luxury segments. Participants will also learn to develop and manage brands in any sectors. Graduates will be able to efficiently achieve their business objectives in a responsible way and in a global environment.

The MSc in Global Business Management is dedicated to developing the knowledge and expertise to understand management issues in a global context. The programme will help students to apply business practices and analytical tools to their own organisational environment. It allows them to acquire skills and discipline for positions as entrepreneurs or corporate executives in management in all areas of the firm through a wide spectrum of classes in a multicultural setting.

Students of this programme will acquire specific knowledge, establish links with companies and develop managerial skills that will prepare them for leadership positions. The objective is to be autonomous and operational in the broad industries of Sports and Tourism. Those industries, with their specificities, are interdependent and different from other sectors. The programme comprises a broad curriculum that coaches the future managers to be efficient in the rapidly-changing external and internal business environment.

Accounting is the language of a business, that speaks not only of its current health, but of what its financial future may look like. Unfortunately, there is a dearth of professionals who both speak and understand this language. From the increasing frequency of scandals that rock the corporate landscape, to the rising creativity in financial reporting, it’s certain that the world needs more skilled accounting experts. That’s where the IAMCA Masters programme comes in to play as it helps students gain a larger perspective of the functioning of the modern-day corporate world, the nuances of its governance and the need for truthful reporting to shareholders who part with their savings to fuel the enterprise. With the breadth of courses, this programme equips future accountants, auditors and financial managers to change the way they see the traditional, yet increasingly creative discipline of accounting. At Rennes SB, we are looking for dynamic and self-driven students to share their country-specific expertise and help undertake a collective journey towards a better understanding of global Accounting practices.

Ranked 24th best masters in Finance worldwide and 7th in France by The Financial Times in 2018, the MSc in International Finance is an advanced programme designed to cover the field of Corporate Finance as well as the field of Financial Markets. It aims to equip students with solid knowledge and analytical skills in Finance, which are crucial today to operate effectively in an integrated and complex global environment. This programme is an excellent step toward a promising career.

Finance is rapidly changing. Data science and artificial intelligence are revolutionising how finance is practiced. The MSc in Financial Data Intelligence prepares you to be part of where finance is going by training you in modern data-driven finance abilities. We welcome applicants with a non-finance background in, for example, engineering, maths, economics, as knowing how to work with data is the key starting skill that will benefit you on this journey.

This programme equips graduates with key analytical methods and tools that will allow them to become leaders in datadriven decision making. Through its theoretical and practical courses, the Master prepares students for jobs related to data and business analytics in different areas such as supply chain management, marketing and finance. The programme is designed to meet industry demand for graduates with managerial and analytics skills that are able to apply data science to tackle business challenges.

This programme is designed to give students the skills and techniques to enable them understand and function in a global business environnement and progress in their careers. Today, virtually everything we do in life involving people includes negotiation. Successful negotiation does not necessarily mean to win, the other party has to lose. A good negotiator will work towards a win-win scenario because they are able to fly above the situation and see what is driving the other party. Making the other party look good and giving them a win can also be good for building.

This programme aims to develop skills that are critical to manage and motivate an international and diverse workforce. Participants will be involved in activities that will enhance their ability to:

  • Manage different groups of employees in a multinational company
  • Understand leadership and motivation challenges HRM practitioners will face when a company expands internationally
  • Understand how leadership styles can be adapted within the organisation to suit the needs of different cultural groups
  • Develop a knowledge of different legal and institutional contexts
  • Be able to appreciate how technology has the potential to change human resource practices in multinational corporations.

This programme equips students with the industry-relevant in-depth knowledge needed to succeed in a globally-integrated and complex business environment. Our graduates possess requisite expertise to work in multi-cultural settings and are ready to thrive in a fast-paced and everchanging business landscape. This programme is tailored to cultivate students’ capability to make tactical and strategic decisions in today’s data-driven economy.

Master in Management

The rationale behind the Master in Management programme is in line with the School’s mission and strategy, and aims at educating and training future managers, helping them to acquire the professional and personal skills, knowledge and competencies required to manage an organization efficiently, and to contribute therefore to the creation of economic value within the context of a global economy.

Executive MBA

The Executive MBA delivers cutting-edge knowledge via thoughtprovoking seminars, applied group projects, individual coaching sessions and a study trip abroad. Its highly international faculty consists of top academic scholars and professionals with years of experience and proven track records. The “glo-cal” framing of the way contemporary and future managerial issues are studied allows the multicultural participants to gain the skills and knowledge needed to advance their careers or create their own entrepreneurial ventures in a truly sustainable manner.


This programme develops managerial excellence by cultivating insight through personal development and providing a distinct set of intelligence tools which together allow managers to thrive in the complex business environment of tomorrow. In an immersive international atmosphere, students are trained to tackle business challenges with innovative solutions that integrate a positive environmental and social impact along with the financial bottom line. Throughout the programme, students apply their expanding soft skillset and knowledge base to activities, case studies and a real-world project targeting shared value creation between business and society, preparing them for their careers as future leaders.

More information

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Rennes SB offers a 3-year International Bachelor programme in Management (2 tracks: French-English or 100% in English) which enables students to develop key managerial skills through active experiential learning. It prepares students for all areas of business, with a specialisation during the final year in Finance & Banking, Marketing or Logistics & Supply Chain. You can apply to the 1st year, 2nd year or directly the 3rd year, depending on your academic background.



The International Bachelor Programme in Management is a 3-year Bachelor degree which aims to provide high-school certificate holders with a solid academic and practical foundation in Business Management and Operations. This degree will enable students to develop knowledge in management subjects and acquire soft skills, team work, interpersonal and linguistic skills by working on practical group projects and business plans.

Two tracks are available:

  • 100% in English from the first year
  • French and English (first two years)

This programme is made of a 1st year that will give you a general background in terms of Business Management and Operations and a 2nd year that will provide you a Business Specialisation. Students will develop both concrete specific knowledge of management and invaluable intercultural skills to operate in a variety of international contexts for their future career. The top-up degree will prepare graduates to enter the job market or will give an excellent foundation for pursuing a Masters degree in a chosen field of specialisation.

This programme offers an intense year of business specialisation and intercultural immersion. The specialised courses are accompanied by a broad range of General Management classes relevant to all tracks. Students will develop both concrete specific knowledge of management and invaluable intercultural skills to operate in a variety of international contexts for their future career. The top-up degree will prepare graduates to enter the job market or will give an excellent foundation for pursuing a Masters degree in a chosen field of specialisation.


A Vision and a Mission...

The 2018-2022 strategic plan was made public on the event of the inauguration of the new international campus in December 2018. Rennes School of Business is continuing with an expansion plan that has already proven successful for many years. The international DNA of the School and its firm grounding in the highly appealing, globally-oriented town of Rennes have helped attain its position among the very best schools of Management. The School’s main aim over the next 5 years is to become one of the most innovative and multicultural business schools in Europe.


Rennes SB has laid out three main areas on which developments will be concentrated:

  • New territories for tomorrow: comprehend all professional issues via distinct fields of expert knowledge, innovative curricula and new, top-level alliances. Rennes SB has pinpointed 4 territories of excellence in collaboration with the International Scientific Committee Thriving Through Complexity ǀ IA-Driven Economy ǀ Green, Digital & Demand-Driven Supply Chain Management ǀ Agribusiness.
  • New territories of the world: overhaul the integration of students into an international environment all through their studies.
  • New teaching territories: revamp the education and knowledge transfer models used in Management schools.

The School is committed to strengthening its grounding within the regional ecosystem by promoting the establishment on its Rennes-based campus of 7 main international partners (the first two being from China and India) and combining this increased presence with new strategic alliances (IMT Atlantique, B Com, Agrocampus Ouest, INRA), and fostering multiculturalism via immersive bilingual study tracks, widespread deployment of the Grande École-MSc double degree, and the launch of a Global BSc.


Rennes: an ideal location

Rennes School of Business is located in Rennes, the capital and largest city of the Brittany region of France. Students can take advantage of this central location which allows for quick access to nearby destinations: in only 55 minutes one can breathe in fresh sea air; the city of lights, Paris, is just 1h30mn by train; and it’s possible to fly to lovely London in just 1 hour!

Rennes is a vibrant, beautiful city steeped in history and filled with ancient, medieval architecture juxtaposed by modern amenities. It is clearly a student city: the total population of Rennes (426 500 people) includes 65 500 students. Officially ranked by the national press, it is constantly developing and expanding.


  • Ranked 2nd best city in France in which to work (L’Express, January 2019)
  • Ranked 4th best city in France in which to study (L’Étudiant, Overall ranking of student cities 2018-2019)
  • Ranked 5th best city in France in which to live (L’Express, Ranking 2018)
Rennes: an ideal location